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Re Sole S.R.L. has established this complaint procedure to collect issues concerning circumstances in the supply chain affecting gold and/or platinumoids from conflict areas, and any other complaints from suppliers, customers, collaborators and employees.

Paolo Passuello is responsible for the application and review of this procedure.

Interested parties may communicate the issues by email or telephone to:

Paolo Passuello

+39 0444 545454

Upon receipt of a complaint we intend to intervene to:

  • obtain a precise statement of the complaint;
  • explain our complaint handling procedure;
    determine how the complainant would like it to be handled;
  • decide who internally is able to handle the complaint, or to assist the submission of the complaint to another entity, such as its supplier, or an institution, such as a relevant sectoral organisation;
  • where problems can be managed internally, find further information, if possible and appropriate;
    identify any of our interventions, or monitor the situation;
  • notify the complainant of any decisions or outcomes;
  • keep for at least five years the documentation of the complaints received and the consequent internal procedure.